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Having a perfectly designed and developed website with a fresh and crisp, SEO content that is perfect for engaging the visitors and conveying your message to them is very necessary for your business. But, all of these can go to vain if your website is not accessible over the internet. Therefore having a reliable web hosting service that can make your website accessible over the World Wide Web is equally important. This service is a major step in delivering your website to a visitor or customer at any time of the day or night.

Rudraksh Web Solutions offer web hosting services that provide your website with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime so that you do not lose any potential customers. These services will also make your business appear more reliable. Our experienced web hosting team at Rudraksh can host even larger websites and handle significant traffic at one time without overloading the system. Our web hosting package includes email accounts that link to your website. We ensure to use the latest speed technologies with unique security solutions’

Web Hosting Jodhpur

Web Hosting Plans

Get 2018’s best web hosting with unlimited web host features & free domain name!

  • Rudra 01

  • Rs.1000

    • 1 GB Storage Space
    • 1 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 5 Sub-Domains
    • 5 E-mail Accounts
    • 5 Databases
  • Rudra 02

  • Rs.2000

    • 2 GB Storage Space
    • 2 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 15 Sub-Domains
    • 15 E-mail Accounts
    • 15 Databases
  • Rudra 03

  • Rs.3000

    • 3 GB Storage Space
    • 3 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 20 Sub-Domains
    • 20 E-mail Accounts
    • 5 Databases
  • Rudra 04

  • Rs.5000

    • 5 GB Storage Space
    • 5 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 50 Sub-Domains
    • 50 E-mail Accounts
    • 50 Databases


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